Michele now offers cupping therapy


Michele now offers cupping therapy

Michele is now offering a full range of CUPPING THERAPIES.

SO WHAT’S CUPPING?  Cupping is one of the oldest, most globally practiced medical treatments.  Most cultures can produce historical evidence that some variation of cupping was used regularly in their medical histories. Hieroglyphics on the walls of the great pyramids dating back 3.500 years ago  indicate the use of cups by the early Egyptians.  Hippocrates of ancient Greece and the father of modern medicine was a huge advocate of cupping. And in oriental medicine, cupping contributes much to form the background of  Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We also know from stone carvings, drawings and artifacts that Romans, Nordics, Celts, Ottoman Turks, Persians, Polish, Brazilian, Mayans, Aztecs, Russians, Slavs, Italians, and many indigenous tribes of  Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands and the Americas all used some form of Cupping in their medical practices.

Cupping is still used thoughout the world and is now gaining popularity in this country – thanks to the  Chinese  athletes at the Beijing Olympics and , of course the recent buzz about cupping from Hollywood’s A-List.   Cupping is safe and effective and feels GREAT!

For detailed information on this time-honored therapy please go to the Cupping Page.