Regular facial treatments help to maintain our beautiful skin – and alot more! Regular facials assist in maintaince of the health of our skin, the largest organ in the body. Skin health is essential for overall optimal wellness as the body uses the skin to regulate body temperature and to release toxins on a daily basis. Imbalances in the skin, such as rashes, excessive oily or dry patches, pustules, circulatory problems such as rosacea, excema or puffyness, can either be a symptom of an underlying systemic problem, or can initiate a more serious problem.

Michele has been offering facial services privately at the Gingerbread House for over twenty years. She draws on her RN background and skills as a massage therapist to provide corrective and restorative facials for women, men and teens.

Michele’s Exceptional Health Services includes:

  • Signature Facial: This restorative facial is customized for your individual needs, resulting in a brighter, smoother, and healthier complexion. Facial treatment included aromatherapy steams, gentle exfoliation, extractions, botanical moisturizers, oxygen infusion mask, and massage of the face, neck, decollete, shoulders, hands and feet.
  • E -Stim Facial : an alternative for someone looking for a non-invasive facelift – without scars, pain, or the expense.  The three step process includes cleaning and clearing, lifting, and lymph drainage.
  • Men’s Skin & Scalp:  Ingrown hairs, razor irritation and overactive oil glands are all addressed. A great gift!
  • Teen Plan: What’s the best course of treatment for young sensitive skin?  A simple, uncomplicated approach. This gentle yet effective facial is designed to introduce preteens and teenagers the benefits of facials, and to help them with ongoing concerns of their skin.